In its ninth season, Chicago PD has told some sad stories. It makes sense, given how hard things have been for all the characters throughout the show and how much they’ve had to give up for the greater good.

“Memory,” the show’s most recent episode, fits with the season 9 theme of trauma and the ghosts of the past. The team is forced to look into a cold case that has something to do with the present day. The similarities between the case and the cops’ own lives make for some tense scenes.

May 11th: What happened on Chicago PD last night?

The first case in the episode is one of the strangest in the show’s history. The bodies of an older couple are found in their bed, but the team doesn’t know what happened before they died. In their last hours, the couple ate dinner, took a bleach bath, and read a bedtime story. All of these things fit perfectly with a cold case from 20 years ago.

A boy named Daniel was found at a rest stop after being given a bleach bath, just like in the cold case. But there were not many details about the case, so the police didn’t believe Daniel’s claims and didn’t do much to look into possible suspects.

Daniel is now an upstanding adult with a family, but his story about how he was taken is a little too far-fetched to be believed. He talks about birds, flowers, and “pink dust” that fell from the ceiling. Burgess (Marina Squerciati) believes him, but she worries that his memory might be wrong.

Burgess and Ruzek (Patrick Flueger), who are in charge of the case, can’t help but compare Daniel’s trauma to what Makayla (Ramona Edith Willaims) is going through right now. The two get over their fears and find a suspect who was working on the building where Daniel was thought to be held captive.

In the end, they find out that Jim killed Daniel’s parents and kept their bodies hidden for years. Not only does the discovery back up Daniel’s memories, but it also lets him make peace with the past in a way that seemed impossible before.

As Ruzek works through the case, he has time to think about what he has learned. He tells Burgess that he wants to buy his dad’s house so that it can be a home for her and Makayla (he goes as far as to say he will stay at his current apartment so that they can continue to have space).

Burgess at first turns down the offer, but Ruzek says that the longer Makayla stays where they are now, the more likely she is to remember the horrible memories of being taken away. The episode ends on a vague note because we don’t know what Burgess will decide.

Ruzek makes a strong case, but it’s too early to tell if their decision to move in together will be the fix their family needs. We want the best for the characters, but the endings of Chicago PD always have a lot going on, so we think more problems are on the way.


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