Wayde King is a famous American businessman and well-known reality TV personality. He has been on the E reality series Tanked alongside his brother-in-law, Brett Raymer.

Early Life

King was born on Long Island on September 19, 1969, and was reared in New York. Although his parents’ identities are unknown, his father, a fish merchant who worked on Long Island, taught him about fish tanks and aquatic life. Later, he decided to use his understanding of undersea life to seek a job.

King relocated from Long Island to Las Vegas and began working at an aquarium retailer.

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Why is Wayde King famous?

Wayde King, the CEO of ATM(Acrylic Tank Manufacturing), a manufacturer of great beautification tanks, is well-known to viewers of the American reality television program “Tanked,” which airs on Animal Planet. He is referred to as the “Tanked” man and is popular among men outside his origin. His talent for designing custom aquariums defies logic because of his amazing capacity to execute the seemingly impossible.

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Wayde King Tanked

American businessman Wayde King is well-known as the CEO of ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing). In the Animal Planet documentary reality series Tanked, he also portrays the series’ protagonist.

Later, he co-founded a fish tank business with his in-laws, Brett and Irwin Raymer (his brother-in-law and father-in-law, respectively) – Acrylic Tank Manufacturing(ATM).

King and Brett are well-known for being reality stars. In August 2011, they made their acting debut as members of Tanked’s main cast. Before its cancellation on December 28 of the same year, the show debuted in 2003 and ran for 15 seasons.

Wayde King and Brett Raymer

When Animal Planet announced that the show was canceled, Brett told a Las Vegas station that he and co-star Wayde would continue to produce content via a future YouTube channel titled “Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous,” showcasing some notable aquariums. However, a quick YouTube search of the channel above yields no results.

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Most fans are wondering if Wayde King and Brett Raymer are still friends? Sources claim their relationship is a little complicated. Oddly, the two haven’t been spotted together recently, given how close they were.

It would be safe to presume that the former brothers-in-law and aquarium expert pals are no longer collaborators, given that they aren’t producing content together and Wayde’s divorce.

Does Wayde King have an illness or injury?

The evidence suggests that Wayde may not be towards the end of his life. However, the illness might reference a wound he had after his wife physically hit him during a heated disagreement. He reported to the police that his wife, Heather, had slapped and kicked him in the stomach.

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Wayde King Weight Loss 

King loves to eat, which likely contributed to his past weight gain. Brett, his business partner, and co-star on the show, regularly poked fun of him and called him overweight. He started working on losing weight in 2016 after becoming tired of the taunts. By 2018, he had also significantly dropped his additional weight.

Personal Life

On October 25, 1997, King and his wife Heather got married. While working for an aquarium firm in Las Vegas, he first met her there, and they soon married. Currently, the couple is the parents of two girls.

Also, Heather is the director of accounting for his husband’s business, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. King also hopes his daughters will build on his heritage and grow his company.

The actor from Tanked and his wife split after being detained for assault and domestic abuse. Sources claim that Wayde called the police and reported that she had kicked and slapped him during a routine argument.

Wayde King
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Wayde King’s Net Worth

Reality TV sensation Wayde King is worth $5 million, according to celebritynetworth.com. He and his wife Heather also purchased a home in Las Vegas in 2014. We don’t know his additional financial situation and the precise worth of the house. But in April 2018, King spent $1 million on home improvements.

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