Tony Rader is a well-known American entertainer and former pitcher. Along with his outstanding performance abilities, he is famous for his marriage to American actress Valarie Pettiford.

Tony Rader
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Early Life & Age

In 2022, Tony Rader, born in the US in 1960, will turn 62. Due to the uncertainty surrounding his real birthdate, his zodiac sign is likewise unknown. We do know that he is an American citizen and of Caucasian originHe is the son of unidentified parents and chooses to keep such details confidential. On the other hand, his wife, Valarie, was born in New York on July 9, 1960.

Since he was a small child, Rader has been passionate about acting. Rader finished his high school education at a nearby high school before continuing his studies at a university. Although the name and other information about the high school or other institution Rader attended are unknown. In 1978, Valerie transferred schools and finished high school at the High School of Performing Arts. In high school, Tony used to perform in various theatres, and after graduation, he decided to pursue an acting profession. 

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Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray, and Debbie Allen have all appeared on stage with Tony Rader since his career began in 1986 with the American Musical Drama Series Fame. After working with Arthur Silver and Ron Leavitt, the show’s creators, for 12 years on the television comedy series Unhappily Ever After, Tony made his film debut in 1996. On the other hand, his wife has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, including those starring Chico Benymon, Rachel True, and Essence Atkins.

Tony Rader
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Tony Rader and Philadelphia Phillies

Tony Rader is also a former baseball player for Philadelphia Phillies. The Philadelphia Phillies, whose first was in 1915, have won two World Series titles and seven National League pennants. The squad has called Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia home since 2004. The Phillies are the first professional sports franchise in America to have operated continuously under a name and city.

Tony Rader Wife 

In 1995, Tony Rader and Valarie Pettiford had their first encounter on the television show Unhappily Ever After. Tony and Valarie started dating after they met, fell in love, and wed in a quiet ceremony in front of their loved ones. Before Tony, Valarie wed American actor Brian J. White. While collaborating on Daddy’s Little Girls in 2007, Valarie and Tony became friends. But after a while together, the couple started to experience technological issues, and due to their unbridgeable differences, they decided to file for divorce.

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Brief on Valarie Pettiford

On July 8, 1960, Valarie Pettiford was born. She is an American dancer, jazz vocalist, and actor who performs on stage and on television. She portrayed “Big Dee Dee” Thorne in the UPN comedy Half & Half, for which she is most known. Her professional career began as a choreographer in Bob Fosse productions. In 1993, a writer from the NYTimes wrote that, 

“You will not for a moment take your eyes off Valarie Pettiford, the show’s standout: a sinewy dancer who can be sultry or sweet, measure for measure, as prescribed…. Miss Pettiford appears to be a superbly trained dancer, schooled in balletic finesse and Broadway-style razzmatazz – and a stunning presence”

Valarie began her acting career appearing on soap operas like Another World and One Life to Live. Soon after, her fame rose, and the audience immediately recognized her in her future movies and tv shows.

Tony Rader
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Tony Rader’s Net Worth

Besides a steady salary, Rader has constantly gotten additional revenue from endorsements and advertising. In addition, he earns additional income through investments and has a net worth of $500,000. With continued effort and initiative, his net worth will rise in the future.

Additionally, his wife enjoys the luxurious lifestyle she has earned throughout her career. She makes money through brand sponsorships and ads in addition to her projected $6 million net worth.

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