An online personality and YouTuber of Spanish descent, Toni Costa is a professional ballroom dancer. Toni mentors the Spanish-language American reality show Mira Quien Baila. Toni is quite famous on Instagram as well, with 2 million followers – @toni.

Early Life & Age

Toni Costa was born on August 20, 1983. The dancer is currently 38 years old. Based on the date of his birth, he was born under the zodiac sign Leo in Valencia, Spain. He has Spanish nationality as well. He is also of Hispanic descent. Costa is presently a resident of Miami, Florida, in the US.

Unfortunately, very little is known about his early years, upbringing, parents, profession, or siblings. Regarding his academic background and certifications, Costa attended a few institutions in Spain. He also seems to speak Spanish fluently.

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Why is Toni Costa famous?

Toni Costa’s exceptional dancing skills helped her build a solid name in the field. Toni Costa, a professional dancer, performs. Throughout his career, Toni has also taken part in several dancing competitions. He also gained notoriety due to his relationship with Adamari Lopez Torres

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The dancer began his career several years ago in his professional life. Additionally, he has taken part in numerous national and international dancing competitions. As a result, he can unquestionably move to any tempo. In light of this, he favors ballroom dancing. Since he started dancing professionally that year, Toni has perfected this ballroom style.

Costa not only dances professionally but also teaches Zumba. He thus also holds teaching credentials for Zumba, Zum Step, and Zum Sentao. As Costa talks about how each class is like a party, he appears to enjoy teaching Zumba. 

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The talented dancer Toni similarly has his own YouTube channel. He started the channel on February 1, 2012. Surprisingly, he has successfully attracted more than 245k subscribers to the platform. His youtube channel primarily includes recordings of Zumba lessons, dancing performances, and fatherhood-related experiences. His YouTube videos are also almost entirely in Spanish.

Relation with Adamari Lopez

Toni Costa just divorced his partner and currently presents as single. Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa got along great. The couple had started their sweet love story on the Mira Quien Baila stage. It is also known as Look Who’s Dancing. Additionally, it is a Spanish-language reality TV show. Both Toni and Adamari had registered to take part in the show.

Later, as the happy pair got to know one another, their budding romance attracted media attention. The couple officially announced their relationship a few months after the reality show. Moreover, he proposed Adamari. As a result, 2015 saw the birth of their daughter – Alaia Costa.

However, it’s possible that nobody even noticed their catastrophic turn. They recently decided to end their relationship and announced it on social media.

Is Toni Costa gay?

Toni Costa is said to be gay. Several of Toni Costa’s Instagram photographs have led some followers to believe he is gay. Numerous people have proposed that Costa’s divorce from Adamari is related to his sexual orientation.

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However, Toni Costa hasn’t explicitly confirmed or denied these rumors. Therefore, fans must wait since Costa must make the announcement personally.

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltran

Evelyn Beltran was the co-star and ex-girlfriend of Toni Costa in the show The House of Celebrities. They used to be close once, but they started drifting apart. However, Costa always loved and supported Evelyn during the show. Evelyn even reacted to a comment Toni made on Adamari.

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Toni Costa’s Net Worth

Numerous recent research and figures indicate that Toni Costa has a net worth of about $1 million. His primary source of income also comes from his profession as a dancer, teacher, and Zumba instructor. He might bring in roughly $240,000 annually. However, he has never revealed the details of his assets or other endorsements.

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