Evil Dead: The Game serves up some delightfully gruesome violence and over the top moments that make for a bloody fun time, but it’s not all scream and no substance: there are many layers to the game and strategies to keep in mind. Whether you’re playing as the heroic Ash Williams and his friends, or as the vile and powerful Kandarian Demon, we’ve assembled our top tips to make sure that you get a helping (severed) hand. 

Top tips for Survivors:

For Survivors to win, it takes cunning strategy, synergistic teamwork and always being on your toes. You’ve got to keep a cool head and your eyes on the Necronomicon prize, all while your teammates are being possessed, Deadites are projectile vomiting at you, trees are swinging at you, and much more. Here are some tips for success:

Play as a team: A crew of four Survivors sticking together are much stronger than any single player going off on their own. They can also distribute the loot that they find between each other. They’re also less prone to being scared, and that’ll help keep your fear levels low!

Don’t forget to use the ping system to mark objectives, items, and locations to your teammates!  Whether you’re on voice chat or playing without it, communication via the ping system is key for success.

Choose your battles well: If you are together, you can go all in against Deadites and bosses and stand a chance to take them down. But if you are alone and the team is separated, it may be better to run away and live to fight another day.

Stealth is your friend: The Kandarian Demon can see you when your fear levels are high, when you enter a car, and when you shoot.  Preventing the demon from finding you quickly will enable you to advance in the early game without major issues.

Kandarian Demon Tips

Playing as the Kandarian Demon can be a lot of fun. You are an incorporeal evil entity – able to spawn Deadites, frighten Survivors and possess them, set traps, and lots of other diabolical deeds. But to consistently win as the Demon, it will take time and talent to master. Here are some key tips to put you on the path to demonic domination:

Learn the map: Knowing the key points of the map makes it easier and faster for you to find the Survivors.

Divide the group: A single survivor dies easily. Scare them and bring them closer to your traps.

Disturb them, scare them, kill them: The power of the Kandarian Demon increases more quickly as it acts against the Survivors. Trick the Survivors into activating your traps, attack them, and possess them. All of this will make you stronger and stronger.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Evil Dead: The Game when it releases on Friday, May 13 on PS5 and PS4. We’re sure new strategies and metas will be uncovered by the community, and we look forward to evolving the game together, including some big plans on the free downloadable content side.  There’s only one thing left to do: As Ash Williams would say: “Come get some!”