How To Aquire The Sword And Shield In Elden Ring

Elden Ring's biggest issue is repeated boss fights, where new gimmicks are introduced to artificially create variety

Crucible Knights are not limited to the three stated above, there are quite a few lesser Crucible Knights that are worth defeating as well. These Elden Ring knights are still Crucible Knights but on a lesser scale with less health and a bit less strength.

How To Get The Crucible Knight Armor

Elden Ring Crucible Knight In Field

There are two known Crucible Knight armor sets that can be found in Elden Ring. There is an interesting aspect to what the armor sets can do aside from how they look when being worn and the defense that they give.

The most interesting part about the armor sets is that each piece gives a bonus of 3.6% damage to each incantation that is gta 5 mobile obtained by a Crucible Knight. Put all together this is a near 14.5% increase to the aspects that already destroy poise and now do more damage. The increase is stacked from the different armor pieces so it is possible to mix and match at the cost of a lower bonus.

After obtaining each of these pieces of armor, with the incantations, and weapons Tarnished can now call themselves mimic Crucible Knights. With great strength and defense, it’s possible to do several of the abilities that the knights can do and prove to mobs how weak they are in comparison. Additionally, there is a chance that there will be more incantations to come as more and more updates and patches to the game are released.