Well, Ghanaian music space is about to recieve one of the hottest beef in the rap industry!

The lyrical tension between Amrado and Lyrical Joe at the moment can not be ignored.

A potential beef, infuriated by fans from both side is about to go down!

After the just-ended 23rd VGMAs, Lyrical Joe won the best rapper of the year, this generated various conservation on social media platforms.

Amidst the social media, conversations came a new song “Finish line” by Amrado ft Eno Barony

In the song, Netizens believe Amrado Jabbed Lyrical joe in the finishing line of his rap verse.

Without delay, Lyrical Joe replied to Amrado in a Diss song titled The response.

The song was first played on kwadwo Sheldon #The Breakdown,

Here is the song,

Download Lyrical Joe the Response

Get it here


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