World of Warships: Legends Spring Update is Now Live

A whole new branch makes its appearance as early access ships. European destroyers sport powerful torpedoes and solid artillery, along with Repair Party consumable starting from Tier IV, thus compensating for the lack of Smoke Generator. Lead by two new officers, Conrad Helfrich and Stig Hansson Ericson, this line is ready to set sail. Those […]

How the Roller Champions devs invented a new spectator sport

Roller Champions is coming to PS4 (and PS5 via backwards compatibility) on May 25, offering fast-paced, competitive, free-to-play matches in which you can rise to sports-legend glory. Its roller-skate arena action is based on three simple rules: catch the ball, do a lap while keeping it in your team’s possession, and score! To better understand […]

Check out May EA Play Member Rewards for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members

May continues to rain in new content for EA Play members! Whether players are running the pitch in FIFA 22 in their Inter Milan “Made in Milano” Apparel or gearing up with the Close Shave Weapon Charm in Battlefield 2042, there’s new rewards for all types of gamers. All the great content coming to EA […]

Xbox and 88rising: Music, Games, and Shared Experiences

Music and gaming have always been synonymous with each other, and when perfectly paired, the combo of audio and visual storytelling can often lead us to emotional and unforgettable experiences. From start screen nostalgia to sweaty palmed boss battle crescendos and watery eyed goodbyes, there’s a never-ending list of moments that continue to resonate with […]

Scoping Out the Accessibility Features of Sniper Elite 5

With the launch of Sniper Elite 5 fast approaching — available on day one with Xbox Game Pass — we want to showcase the accessibility features you can expect to find in the latest instalment of the award-winning series. It’s important to us that as many people as possible can play our games and so […]

Six Reasons to Play Ogre

Ogre is the official adaptation of the legendary and multi-award-winning wargame from Steve Jackson games, and it’s coming to Xbox! Ogre is a turn-based strategy game full of mechanised warfare which requires tactical decision-making and lots of strategic thinking. Here are six reasons to play Ogre now that it’s out on Xbox. Learn the World […]