A godly Elden Ring build recreates Kratos, the protagonist of the God of War series, and his iconic Blades of Chaos. FromSoftware’s open-world epic casts players as a Tarnished warrior and tasks them with slaying various demigods to become the new Elden Lord. Kratos from God of War also has a history of slaying gods, and the Elden Ring character creation suite lets him face off against a whole new pantheon of monstrous deities.

As an open-world soulslike adventure, Elden Ring lets players choose from a slew of different armors, weapons, spells and tools. Strength-based bruisers can use massive swords or colossal greatshields, while magic users can learn spells ranging from healing incantations to explosive gravity sorceries. Elden Ring also features a host of different outfits, from heavy metal armors to gta 5 mobile sneaky cloaks, which can be combined with character creation to role-play as specific characters. Players have been known to turn themselves into various pop culture icons, with special abilities even letting beloved speedster Sonic the Hedgehog join the fun. One Darth Sidious build in Elden Ring even brings the memorable Star Wars villain to the Lands Between, complete with a cloak and various lightning-based spells.

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A brand-new Elden Ring build, created by Reddit user Ariiverderci, brings Kratos to the Lands Between on a v bucks generator mission to hunt a new collection of gods. The dreaded Ghost of Sparta is accurately molded in character creation, and even outfitted with a Greek-style skirt, though his signature red tattoo is sadly missing from his body. Standing in for the iconic Blades of Chaos, Ariiverderci wields two whips in battle and imbues them with flames using the fire grease tool. The video below, set to the epic God of War soundtrack, shows Kratos carving his way through Limgrave and defeating the powerful boss Margit in typical bombastic fashion.

While Ariiverderci has brought Kratos into Elden Ring flawlessly, real-world cosplay is another great way to pay tribute to the God of War protagonist. A God of War Kratos cosplay, which portrays the Ghost of Sparta as he appears in the franchise’s 2018 entry, was recently assembled by a dedicated fan. This latest installment retains Kratos’ iconic red tattoo and ashen white skin, but it also gives the aging warrior a large beard and some warm armor. The fan cosplay includes these details, along with key accessories like the v bucks generator Blades of Chaos and handheld Bifrost, although the plucky young Atreus is sadly absent.

Elden Ring is a role-playing game through-and-through, which allows players to create all manner of interesting builds. Using flaming whips to simulate the Blades of Chaos, Ariiverderci is able to perfectly simulate the God of War’s fighting style from the franchise’s classic Greek saga. An encounter with Elden Ring Jesus may be enlightening, but running into Kratos in the Lands Between will likely end poorly for any unwitting gods in his path.